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  • We commit to responding to homeowner calls/messages/texts/emails within 24 hours.

  • We commit to providing regular, timely and honest communications with homeowner. We will inform homeowner of their primary contact person.

  • We commit to providing homeowners a detailed written scope, contract and schedule.

  • We commit to advising the homeowner in writing (text, email) of any necessary ‘extra charges’ or ‘change orders’ (for items not in the contracted scope) that may be required and a price for each item. We will not start work on any ‘extras’ until approved in writing by the homeowner.

  • If we notice a potential quality issue during the project, we will alert homeowner immediately, so we can discuss options to proceed or ideas to correct.

  • If we notice any potential for delays, we will alert the homeowner immediately in advance (material delays, weather delays, etc.)

  • If homeowner advises us in a timely manner that he/she has an issue with the quality of work, We will work with homeowner to come to a mutually agreeable solution and make repairs.

  • We will provide guidance/expertise to the owner regarding which materials work well or poorly in a specific situation (although homeowner makes the final decision regarding finish material selection).

  • We commit to maintaining a clean, safe and organized work site.

  • We will only use materials that are “up to code” and meet all industry standards for this specific project.

  • We  will take a reasonable deposit and collect further payment based on the project’s percentage completion schedule.

  • We commit to charge a reasonable price for Extras or Change Orders based on our true costs of labor, materials, and profit. We will allow homeowner two days to research prices to confirm our price estimates are reasonable.

  • We commit to not prioritizing other projects at the detriment/delay of the homeowner’s project.

  • We commit to not accepting too many projects simultaneously which can cause delays for homeowner’s project.

  • We commit to working at the job site every weekday for a full day, except in the case of holidays and special circumstances.

  • We commit to hiring only qualified, experienced subcontractors, who have applicable license and insurance.